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Preparing Your Home to Sell

De-clutter – Think Minimalism.   Buyers want to see the “bones” and layout of the home.  If there is too much decor, buyers get stuck thinking about your stuff and not how their decor will work.

Deep Clean – From Top to Bottom.  Buyers will judge whether your home has been maintained, and will make that decision based on how clean your home is.  It’s not personal.

Make repairs – Make any repairs that you are aware of that need to be done. These items will show up on the home inspection anyway, so it’s best to just do the repairs ahead of time.


  • Pack away personal items such as refrigerator memorabilia
  • Clear off kitchen and bathroom counters.  If you don’t have drawers, try using a small basket of personal grooming items that it can be placed in the lower cabinet and then pulled out for grooming.
  • Clean under kitchen and bathroom sinks.  Clean light switches, door edges, and door handles.
  • Clean oven, stove, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator.
  • Clean windows sills, blinds, ceiling fans, and shutters.
  • Touch up paint where possible…remember there is only one first impression.


  • Put away kids bicycles and toys.
  • Make sure the “curb appeal” is in place…clean front door, repaint if needed.  Windows are clean, bushes and trees trimmed, mow lawn or remove leaves in rocks, etc.
  • Clean and/or power wash driveways.
  • Clean unwanted ashes from fire pits and put in fresh wood.
  • Make sure gas grills are clean.
  • Make sure pools sparkle and have the safety equipment functioning.

Talk to THE CACTUS TEAM about the unique things about your home, and ask for other suggestions to draw top dollar.