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If you ask anyone about the process of buying a home, they will often tell you that it was stressful.  Why does such a happy action become stressful?  The process is not just about choosing your perfect home, it requires a specific route that has to executed within legal rules that protect both the Buyer and the Seller.  You will be expected to put a deposit with the pre-qualification and both must accompany the purchase offer.

The purchase process can be a confusing at first, but we will keep the process moving forward.  For most people, buying a home is one of the largest purchases they will make.  It requires attention to detail, solid negotiations and ongoing communication to bring it to a strong contract.

Once the contract is executed, the loan approval process begins.  That process has timelines and legal requirements for both the Buyer and the Seller.  As your REALTORS®, we will guide you through the process from contract to home inspections, negotiations for repairs, and follow-up on those repairs.

Alongside those things being done, your loan application will be processed and you will be required to supply proof of income, credit, bank statements, time on job, as well as any gifts you may receive for your down payment.  The Lender will give you a list of documents that are needed.  It is important to get those documents to the lender as soon as possible, or the final closing of the loan could be delayed.  If you are paying cash for that home, the timeline may be shorter because some of this paperwork would not be required.

During time that the Lender is verifying and processing those documents, the Escrow company begins their work as a neutral party checking that each contract requirement is met and sent to them for the final purchase package.  During this timeline, your Lender must submit a report called and LSU (Loan Status Update) to the Seller’s agent every two weeks until close of escrow.  A Title person will also begin the process on ensuring that the home you are purchasing has all the legal ownership proof that is required.  If the Seller had any Liens on the property, those must be investigated and resolved before the Title company will give you Title Insurance that the home is free from any binding liens, is identified properly in the tax records, and anything else that might hold up the sale.  There are many people in the process to ensure that the house is clearance to be sold, and that you are approved to close the contract.